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Jeremy and Hollea Willis
Home Buyers

We found Brianne through many recommendations while we were stationed in Texas. We flew out for a weekend of house hunting which happened to also be Super Bowl weekend. We had a list of probably 30 plus homes we wanted to look at. Brianne worked with sellers agents to get us in all the homes we wanted to see. We had told Brianne our wants/needs in the homes and when we requested some homes she was honest and told us based on our needs, the home would not work for us based on the locations of them (rough areas of town). Brianne showed us tons of homes and showed my husband more homes after I returned back to Texas. We didn’t find the home we wanted during that search and ended up finding one online. We couldn’t fly out again to look in person so Brianne did a Skype/FaceTime tour of it based on my work schedule and time zone differences. Brianne then went back the following day in better daylight and took pictures of everything in detail. We went on a limb purchasing a home we never saw in person. We were not local for closing so Brianne had everything set up for us to close while we were in Texas. Brianne got our keys for us and kept an eye on the property for about two weeks before we officially PCS to California. Our house hunting and closing process were seamless. My husband was a realtor before joining the Military and he felt Brianne knew the area and the market very well and we were happy with the outcome. We love our neighbors and area.